Santos Candles makes handcrafted clean-burning, natural candles for the modern young professional. Santos Candles’ vision is to provide a warm and calm state-of-mind for every moment.

Santos Candles was born out of curiosity and personal love for burning candles, but building Santos Candles has become a true passion project for founder and creator, Russell. Before starting this new endeavor, Russell felt stuck in the day-to-days of his corporate job. Stressed about the future state of his job due to the pandemic, Russell decided to put his energy into making candles. He soon realized how therapeutic and healing the process of candle making is. While starting any business from the ground-up is no easy feat, one of the most rewarding aspects for Russell is seeing his candles inhabit customers’ personal spaces.


Hi there! My name is Russell and I am the founder and creator of Santos Candles, based out in the Greater Los Angeles Area. I have always been drawn to candles, whether it was to set the mood for endless nights of binging Netflix, board game parties with my closest friends, late night studying during my college days, or working from home. My goal with Santos Candles is to create minimally-designed, clean-burning, and memorable scented soy candles that sparks comfort and happiness in every space.

The company name, Santos Candles, is actually derived from my family surname! To me, this is more than just a company name, but my own journey in finding my own identity as a first generation Filipino-American, all while staying true to my family’s core values and roots. My family immigrated to the U.S. from Manila, Philippines in 1979 to seek a better life and of course, the American Dream. Hearing their stories of struggles and sacrifice has always pushed me to do my best. Whether at school or at work, I wanted to prove to them that their sacrifices were all worth it at the end.

2020 has been an incredible and unexpected year for me thus far, both emotionally and professionally. If it weren’t for this current global crisis and being put on temporary leave from my corporate job, I wouldn’t have started experimenting with my love for candles and Santos Candles wouldn’t have been born. My hope with Santos Candles is to bring my family’s story to life and have its legacy live on. To me, this is my version of starting fresh and venturing into new endeavors, all while having lots of fun every bit of the way.

Always made with love,